About High Tempest
Any person considering to apply to us should consider the following:
- With a tighter schedule and a tighter roster, anyone willing to join will be expected to be reliable and have a high raid attendance.
- On occasion being able to extend raids for 1 extra hour if we believe we got a good shot at downing a new boss.
- Anyone willing to join should know their class inside out.
- You'll be expected to research any encounters, optimal rotations, upcoming class changes and min-maxing your performance, you may do the DPS but fire is bad and dead people can't DPS.
- We are running the guild with a loot council, and thus the officers will distribute loot to the people they see gaining most from each item. If you aren't happy with that don't bother making an application.
-The trial period will last until we have evaluated your performance to judge whether you're suitable for the guild or not.
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